James Kalm: Ten Long Years of War
Gallery Chronicle (October 2011)

Interview: James Panero on art and politics

Brian Sherwin interviews James Panero for Fine Art Views to discuss art, politics, and the alternative art scene.
Brian Sherwin: The problem is clear in my opinion... some art will not see the light of day in the professional art world due to the political power structure that has contained the direction of art in regards to how it is presented to the public in top art museums and galleries. How should that problem be faced? How can the art world become a more open place to ideas in general?

James Panero: The answer again is in embracing this country's alternative art scene. Some of the best art produced today is isn't being shown in the big Chelsea galleries or the contemporary art museums. It's emerging in smaller galleries and do-it-yourself venues. Again the responsibility falls to the art-buying public to put their money where their mouth is and bypass the large institutions--the art world's MSM. I would much rather support a small art non-profit like Nurtureart or Norte Maar or The New Criterion than contribute to Glenn Lowry's dry cleaning bill at MOMA.

Catch the entire interview here.


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