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Very insightful, Sam! You practically took the words right out of my mouth! Thornton displays a production of incredible artwork that will truly stand the test of time and remain relatable to various art lovers of all generations for years to come.
I particularly love the pink and green color scheme used in a piece of his above featured paintings.

Sam Fryer

In an art atmosphere largely infected with popular, bombastic imagery, Thornton’s work inadvertently shows the sensationalists for the normopaths they truly are! While in all aspects masterfully executed, I am always struck by the honesty of the work; Thornton gives us real life – his and ours – in all it’s gritty, fighting beauty. Even if stylistically abstract, this is as real as it gets. When finally all the plastic is recycled and the taxidermy decayed, Thornton’s paintings will stand – bright and strong as they do today, and our generation will have reason for pride!

Sarajo Frieden

Lovely post on this painter, thank you!

Dee Shapiro

Great overview of Willis and his work place. I love the negative space in his work and how he uses color and space to get the ambiguity. Nice video. Like the filming and how you get him to talk and move. His tapes look like an interesting sculpture.


Nice doc. I especially liked your sections where you look into his work with a deeper eye than most people would give time to.


beautiful, vibrant colors.

Paul Behnke

Thanks for the post James. Just got to meet Thornton @ EH at Brett Baker's exhibit.
One of my favorite painters.

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